Join us in shaping the future of biology with AI

We are building a team of creative minds. Together, we aspire to redefine the landscape of biology with AI, unlocking its potential for everyone.

Current vacancies
Zelda Mariet, PhD
Principal Research Scientist
“I believe that at the intersection of biomedical sciences and machine learning there lies an incredible opportunity for scientific discoveries that will change the world for the better.”

Current vacancies

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The Bioptimus founding team

Our values

Bioptimus values are centered around four key principles:

We embrace collaboration, kindness, humility and diversity.

Honesty & integrity

We value trust and honesty about what works and what doesn’t. The only failed experiment is one we don’t learn anything from.

Aiming high

We proudly deliver high-quality work and relentlessly cultivate a curiosity-driven mindset.

Joyfully changing the world

We take our mission seriously, but not ourselves.